Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mike the Maggot aka Jonathon Peters

I hate waiting. Where's my weekly tribute. If it is not in my nf account by tonight. I'm posting your pic. You dumb fuck. Here is the tribute button jackass. Click it bitch!


Maggot said...

Maggot here. I beg if you could remove my real name? I will send a 500.00 tribute in advance as a thank you. Please goddess. I'm begging you. Please accept this as a public apology. I am sorry mistress for being late with my tribute. It will never happen again. I've applied for 2 more credit cards. So that I will never disappoint you again. I love you Goddess.
Mike the Maggot

Erin said...

Madison: I vote for you to leave his name up forever. I love what you do to these guys. Call me when you get home tonight. Let's do something fun tonight.

tomthumb said...

I love you goddess.