Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lately, I have been getting alot of free minutes beggers. I hate these emails. Here is one:

Could I ask you to send 3 or 5 mins to start? Would love to chat today, but I am a little short on minutes.
Signed Dickwad

I usually just block these little fuckers. Why the hell would I want to talk to you for free? Stop asking. It's annoying.

You can call my financial domination line for 50.00/min

Here is a video for you broke mother fuckers.


Anonymous said...

miss you are delightfully cruel.

loser dougie said...

Mistress i was curious. Therefore I clicked the link. You are so right goddess. I love you mistress madison

loserdougie said...

I got the point. Don't bother the mistress if you are broke. Your cruelty makes me so hard. I want to devote my life and all of my savings to you goddess.

dummy said...

please blog to us Goddess. i check your blog everyday. please update us on your glamours wonderful life. i beg you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Goddess,

I just discovered your blog. You are incredibly sexy and cruel. Could I ask where You dance in Toronto? I would love to come see you there.

odd_one_2003 (at)

suck_my_toes_or_kiss_my_ass at said...

Wow sweetie, you must have it well, for all these hot lil losers to be begging for just a chat or a scrap from you!! There is NOTHING like a sniveling man at your feet!! Good Luck and suck 'em dry;)