Saturday, October 20, 2007

I had sissy rick over. I love to humiliate him by making him clean for me. He usually does this dressed only in heels and a apron. My friends dared me to send him outside to do some yard. He wasn't completely naked he had heels on. What a jackass. You should have seen him. We all laughed.

I am looking for some girls to rent him out to. He lives in the Crown Point, Indiana area.

Also, Stephen I will let you out of your blackmail contract if you perform for me on cam. I will definately invite my girlfriends to watch. Show us what a fuckin pathetic sluty sissybitch you can be. BTW...I still have the pics you sent me dummy! Maybe I should post them here. Who thinks I should post them here?


Chelsea said...

Hey Maddy: Post his pics. I will see you at the club later.

Love yah babe!

Anonymous said...

Who is this Chelsea person Mistress Madison? If She wants to see my pictures so bad She can reach me at

Kneelingly Yours,

Anonymous said...

tell me more about sissy rick i live near the loser

Anonymous said...

sissy rick needs to be outed tell us more about him in your blog my girlfriends will make him squirm im from there