Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Great money making day for me

Today has been a great money making day for me. There are so many losers to use. Today I sold 5 of my pics for 100.00 each. The most that I have sold a pic for....has been 600.00. Anyways, Lil worm bought these. He said he wanted to build a alter with my pics. After he bought the pics he told me that he had spent his entire pay check. He said Goddess can we chat for a few minutes. I said contact me when you have more cash$$$$.....I've put him on ignore for now.

I'm always looking for more losers just like him. Thanks for the cash lil worm. I'm laughing at you lil worm.


Maggot said...

Goddess you deserve every penny and more. My money is your money miss.

tomthumb said...

after reading this i have decided if it is ok with you mistress. let me know if i should apply for more credit cards. i want to spoil you like this. and even better too.